That’s for this year alone. Hopefully there are not many people around as gullible as I am. The ones who are left would do well to read this story.

Also being inflicted with a philosophy contrary to some people. Me believing money is the root of all good. What is someone like that supposed to do when he opens his mail and sees a check for $3,900. Along with a note that reads: ‘You will receive $600 for seven weeks. Deposit the check, take your first six hundred, give the rest to the installer who will put an advertising Red Bull banner on your truck.’

The first red flag flying. Perhaps due to actually having a trailer truck, it blocked me from seeing the flag. It would have been easy enough to call Red Bull. Especially since that trailer truck has never done any trailer trucking. It’s just an old fifty three foot furniture box hauled by a Cat powered Ford Aeromax to air shows. A portable airplane workshop. It did not occur to this lame brain that having a pick-up registered in Florida is what might have been the reason for the advertising promotion being described as, ‘putting a banner on your truck.’

Somehow, despite not being a very good little boy, the Gods above were looking out for me. As I lay the check down at the window to deposit, some angel whispered in my ear: “Ask her if she has a way to call the bank this check is drawn on to make sure it is good.” Very co-operatively she walked off for a minute or two, returning to say: “Yes, check is good, funds are there.” This bank: BB&T has to be the best bank in the country. Been with them for twenty five years. Switched when Bank of America swindled me out of five hundred dollars and have talked to many people who have had the same experience. At the time, Clark Howard, the talk show money Guru, sad he had a list o 4,280 people who filed a complaint against Bank of America. I called to say; “make me number four thousand two hundred and eighty one.” In twenty five years, not a single hitch or difficulty with BB&T. But that is only minor. I received a phone call one day. “This is BB&T Bank, are you in California?” “Me? In California? I don’t even know where California is.” “Someone in California is trying to hack your account.” “Did they get any money?” “No, that’s why we’re calling you, to see if it’s really you.” Simply astounding. Especially when considering money transactions are now in minutes, not days or weeks, like it used to be. And then, my little wonderful friendly BB&T angel behind the counter said: “You can deposit this check all right, but here is most likely what will happen. The installer will come, you will give him thirty three hundred dollars, he will disappear, the account will be instantly closed when the thirty nine hundred dollar check goes there, and then you will be out thirty three hundred dollars” All of a sudden it became obvious. A blind man would have been able to see the con. How stupid can one man be. Why would I need to pay the installer when one of the biggest companies in the world would ay their installer directly. I have a long record of rewarding people who do favors for me Corrupted certainly by a gentleman who was the biggest tipper in the world. One time giving a lady named Jackie in Commerce City Colorado, ten thousand dollars for a tip. With one sentence spoken, she saved him $317,000. The very least I could do for my BB&T angel is withdraw one thousand dollars and give it to her. Tried to, that should be. There was nothing I could do to force her into accepting it. There are two tellers in that bank. The other one, precisely my type, physically. Black hair. Latina face, olive skin, beautiful Spanish eyes. I come in one day, she says “hi, how are you?” I grin; answering; “fine if you give me some money.” She quipped; “not a good thing to say in a bank.” Probably due to her appeal, that I’d never make a comment about otherwise, that simple statement cured my hoof in mouth disease. I think about her all the time when I’m about to spout off something stupid. Who knows what that has saved me. Probably a lot more than just being conned out of thirty three hundred dollars.

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