whack them

just saw a video of a riot in the city street far below. I’m no car man. But if what I saw happened to the new pick-up truck my son bought me as a present, I’d become so enraged, I’d jump out and start firing. Have been an anti gun person all my life. Until now. I will have a gun. There is more to it than drivers spinning around looking like ants, for an escape route as low life maggots are slamming cars with anything they can find, smashing windows in, putting endless dents in cars. A lot of people, unlike me, really care for their autos. Imagine how they feel. Never mind being terrified for their lives. My son is a workaholic. The complete opposite of those street rioters who have no idea what the word ‘work’ for a living, even means. They are doing more than smashing cars. They are destroying the American way of life. Try to imagine how many people in just that one video did not get to work, how much business became interrupted, how many young mothers could not get their baby to the doctor. And for what? Because some worthless sub humans are enraged about something. Maybe they should get a job and work for what they feel is owed to them. Any Mayors, Governors, right up to a President we had, who sympathize with the people who are destroying America should be strung up by the neck to the nearest light pole with piano wire and in the mean time, the rest of us need to just whack the vermin.