We Americans think we have arrived. We don’t know to where. We just know we got there. We’re the greatest. The baddest. We’re the best of everything. The richest. Have more of everything than anyone else in the world. Have the best political system. Have the most freedoms. We are certainly supposed to, given what the people who built this country left us.

Unfortunately, we can no longer make such claims in any one spot. There are at least a dozen countries, speaking only from my own own travel and work experiences abroad that make us look like a third world basket case. One reason alone is crime. Within sight of my property, there is a high tension powerline that probably runs fifty miles, most likely from the nuclear powerplant near Orlando. They are replacing all the poles. Try to imagine what machinery it takes to handle hundred fifty foot long poles on a job that has been going on for months. Lately I have noticed a pick-up truck with it’s engine running every time I walk by no matter what time of day or night. On this mornings exercise walk, with the driver standing outside, I stopped to cackle. The huge machines number at least a dozen. Every one had had everything broken off it that could be junked for salvage money, including all the big Caterpillar batteries that cost $500 each that the thieves got $10 apiece for in the salvage yard.

It’s an interesting story how I caught the thieves who did the same thing to my fifth wheel camper trailer, including my four solar batteries I paid $314 apiece for. No doubt about it being the same low life’s in our neighborhood. Everyone knows them. Except maybe the police.

It appears there are at least thirty men in the electric crew. They are now furloughed until the machines are repaired. Imagine what merely that cost is. Along with the now guard stationed there with engine running 24/7. Think about it the next time you pay your electric bill.

Being away from home more than home I’m an easy target. When my house in Miami was broken into, a window on the front facing the street, smashed in, I was never so relieved to have a TV, VCR, etc. stolen. When I brought the cop into the back bedroom to see all the airplane electronics, one little black box measuring 2X6 alone worth $7000, he said; “you don’t think these kind of people have any brains do you.” He made out his report, handed it to me, with; “for your insurance company, have a nice day.”

I have never had insurance on anything, including what is imposed on everyone else by the government. It does not take many payments to equal what the insurance is supposed to protect. Insurance Americans have been brainwashed into believing they cannot exist without. There is no doubt about me winning at the insurance game.

When a Tennent of mine left an apartment in Orlando, owing four months rent, he took all the furniture with him. A chipper young lady by the name of Carmen, who frequently posts on Facebook, helped me clean the place up. When the Tennent came to get the last of his things, I quietly asked him; “by what reasoning did you think I would not get mad about you stealing all the furniture?” He answered; “had to throw the beds away, they were full of bed bugs.”

Little Carmen, and she is quite small, on her knees, scrubbing the floor like a little beaver, despite me ordering her not to, that just cleaning the kitchen would be good enough for the next Tennent about to arrive, looked up and snarled; “You lying piece of shit!!!”

Wow, I thought, what a spunky little thing. It was at that instant I fell hopelessly in love with her. The nice feelings she has given me over the past eight years by far eclipse any pile of furniture. Made the robbery not only become inconsequential, I became grateful it happened. Nothing has ever given me so much joy. Simply sitting in a room talking with this snappy New Yorker, is more exciting than having sex with a Playboy Centerfold. Come to think about it, I have no idea what a Centerfold would feel like. But I am sure it would not be as enlightening. Lady Carmen caused me to write a book. For anyone interested.

It is not for me to criticize the police. We certainly would have no life without them. But it does seem that with the average drunk driving charge being worth $10,000 to the legal system, and confiscations from drug dealers is more of a priority than ending the things that are so costly to the population, having knocked our standard of living down to number 27 in the world.

We have examples to demonstrate that the crime disease can be cured. Places where the police will spend five million dollars if necessary just to catch some graffiti artist. Consequently, there is no crime. Anyone with criminal intentions knows he will be caught. SO, which way is cheaper. Those countries have no drug or drunk driving problems. All our people would need to do is hop on an airplane to go over and see how it is done. If I, just an average working stiff, that happens to have a condo in Vienna, where am some of the year, can see how it is done, so can anyone else. It becomes obvious our people in charge do not want to end any of it. Since my Miami break-in I’ve had four more burglaries that I have not even bothered to call the police about. The electric thieves, would seem like an easy case, have still not been caught.

Until the public becomes educated on this subject and goes into revolution mode, nothing will change. What can we expect when our very top most leaders will let thirty million people in, coming from places where crime is a way of life, the very reason those countries are poor, all just for votes, making our people the most evil criminals in the world. Were it not just for them, everything we think we have so much of, we could have twice as much. Our government has been so corrupted, there is nothing that can be done about it. But we can do things for ourselves. Just as the guy writing this has done. Big difference however. He had no plan. He did not know what he was doing. Everything just fell into place. Anyone reading his books will have a blueprint to follow, and save years of time.

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