There are several ways to guess that a person is a drug addict. One clue is someone railing a little too much against drugs. Chances are he’s a druggie. For about a year I’d frequently see an elderly gentleman in places like McDonalds. It became a little noticeable that every time someone approached he’d only nod and mumble a barely audible ‘hello.’ He also has a rather sinister look about him. On the tall side. Thin. Must have been in good shape when younger. The appearance sparked my nosey nature. It took a year of engaging him in simple conversations to discover that indeed there is a lot more to him than what it appears. His field: Intelligence. A spy. Not the government kind spying on other countries. Big companies hired him to learn secrets in competing companies. He had many interesting stories to tell from all over the world. Philippines, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Russia, Middle East and Germany. He had a sidekick with him most of the time. He seemed to ignore the gentleman. Not once seeing them in engaged in any conversation. The sidekick turned out to be his son-in-law, a licensed practicing medical doctor. Has anyone known a doctor whose handwriting can be read. Does this arrogance develop from the prestigious class level. Anyone who thinks so better not go to Germany, where a school teacher garners more respect than a doctor gets in America. And a doctor over there is God. Questioning, getting a second opinion, or suing a doctor is not possible in German. For arrogance, a completely self centered manner, certain the whole world revolves around him, the spy’s doctor holds the number one spot. Anyone in the family he visits, within minutes of sitting down on a couch, he empties his bag, looking for things, the living room begins looking like a trash dump. That not bad enough, he does not just ask others to pick things up, he demands it. With no preamble like; “could you pick that up for me?” He says; “Pick that up for me!” with a very bombastic, “Please!!” Which makes his request even worse. Needless to say, he’s not a very welcome visitor anywhere. It’s probably a little expensive to be so self consumed and messy. Not being friendly enough with any of the family members, it’s only a guess that maybe his manner might have something to do with his obvious bad financial condition. In terrible financial condition myself one time, I needed to find a job. Seeing a Lear jet taxi in would ordinarily not make