Last weeks crime story drew an unusual amount of mail. One email from a woman particularly gripping. Describing in detail coming home, with a grocery bag in her arm, unlocking her apartment door, suddenly ppushed inside by two men and raped. Slammed so hard it did much damage. Than asking if I could explain how those other countries cured crime.

Certainly can, but not in one blog. I did my time in Air Rescue. Got grounded twelve times, for going below minimums. Dangerous. Perhaps. But I did not care about minimums when it came to rescuing an American soldier. I’m not a Marine or a Seal. Just a pussy airman. When assigned flight instructor, I ordered the cigarette and vending machines out of the classroom. My C/O, Major Donald E. Hall, yelled at me. “Know what you are Lieutenant!?” he screeched, “a fanatic!!!”

Maybe so. Spent the first half of my life, very hostile, to put it mildly, to cigarettes, booze or anything physically detrimental. Causing myself and a few other people a little grief. And then, I learned one little detail: Twelve percent of every population, does not matter whether Chinese, Russian, German, American has an addictive gene. I happen to be on the eight eight percent side. If I’m, sleepy, I can drink five cups of coffee, won’t keep me awake. I had a girl friend by the name of April Beales. She told me I was more boring than a sleeping dog. She forced me to smoke some mamajuana. In the way a woman can make a man do anything. With her next to me, I felt something nicely soft and feminine, but nothing else. At least nothing I was supposed to, and told about all the excitement I was missing.

So if addiction is genetic. Why fight it. There is nothing that can be done about it. There is certainly enough proof. Many people spend half their life going back and forth to jail because they had to get high. It was not the first time Rodney King got the daylights beat out of him because he had to get high. George Floyd and that boy Trevor gave up their lives because they had to get high. What in all of man’s history was more devastating than WWII? Hitler and all his cronies were addicts. Could that be what caused their brains to lose all power of reason. Their soldiers were given drugs to make them monsters that felt no pain.

And now, America is doing all the same things that Germany did that led to WWII. That is not implying that America will wind up with world war three. But why do the same things that led to such a horrible outcome. America is in a horrible situation. If there is one root word in this picture it would be; ‘economics.’

The man who took the German economy from the most collapsed in the world to the strongest economy, even more powerful than the US economy at the time, is Albert Speer. After the war he wrote a book, detailing precisely how he performed that miracle. It’s a book every American needs to read. ‘Spandau.’ We would then see, in 3D, all the blunders and mistakes our government is making. Let us hope Americans will not need to learn the same lessons in the most horrifying and difficult way the Germans had to.

There is no one answer. There is no one explanation. There are a thousand factors. Let’s start with a big one. Money. The US government needs about seventy five percent more money than what it could run on. So how can crime be eradicated when the government itself that is in charge of controlling crime needs the money crime generates. This would sound ridiculously preposterous to me also had I not spent some time living with it. For one, I have a condo in Vienna. Lest anyone assume I have money, it’s in the lowest cost area of the city. A city twice the size of Miami. I lost the key perhaps twenty years ago. Never bothered to change the lock. There will be no crackheads in it when I get back. Nothing missing, nothing touched. No one else locks their door either. Miami has 117,000 city employees. Vienna has 7000. Miami is crime ridden. Vienna; no crime. Taxes on my Miami house; $5,280. A friend in Pinecrest; $120,000. Some people in Coral Gables Pay $300,000 in property tax, for just a house. Tax on my Vienna condo; Nothing. When there is a small tax, to pay for a municipal project, which can only happen by referendum, no county commissioners writing checks, the tax is rescinded when the project is paid for.

There are areas in every city, well defined, everyone knows where the boundaries are, inside of which, anything goes. Anyone can do whatever they want to in that area. There is even a government kiosk where anyone can get all the drugs they want, for free. Now why would anybody smash into a trailer and a house to steal things to buy drugs with when they can waltz into the Reeperbahn and get all the drugs they want for free. Which way is less costly and much safer.

Some dam fool put a mountain in my way in the Tyrolian Alps. Spent six months in the hospital. Had it been in an American hospital, I’d never be walking again. Their medical system is so far superior to America’s it’s not even close. And I, as a foreigner, did not hear one word about money or insurance. Again, there is no one explanation. But for an example, where corruption in American government is a way of life, in Central Europe it is searched for with an electron microscope. If any official of any kind were implicated in any corruption, he would need to leave the country. No one would speak to him. He would be able to get no work of any kind. Nor sweeping streets, not picking up garbage, nothing. The President of Germany, borrowed $600,000 to buy a house. A legitimate bank deal. Nothing shady about it. The public became outraged. They asked: “If he cannot manage his money any better than needing to borrow money for a house, how will he manage public money?” He was forced to resign.

And in America, millions can be squandered just on the word ‘impeach’ Lifers in Congress become billionaires. Political payback favors with taxpayer money.

No Michele Paris lunches in Germany at $35,000 a plate. Every other month in the Miami Herald there is an article about 50, 80, 260 million missing from some program that no one can account for. The Germans by contrast watch every penny the government spends and need to see an accounting. Were $20 missing, there would be an uproar heard way up into the Chugshpitz.

I am no authority on this subject. Probably have no right to so much as talk about it. It does however become obvious why there is no crime over there. There is no one who is programmed, for votes, to believe he is entitled to anything. Whatever he wants, he needs to work for it. A person can apply for welfare and get it. He has three months to find a job. If he does not have one, the government will put him on one. From which he cannot back out of. If he tries, he will be charged with attempting to defraud the government. Oh yes, very cruel. But the reward for all these operational methods is no crime. And were a man to push a woman into an apartment, there is not the slightest doubt he will be found. But why would a single sex maniac risk any confrontation with the law when he can find all the sex he wants in the Reeperbahn.

For being raised in America, from age 15 on, when younger, I used to ridicule the Germans. Would taunt the police deliberately. Have been literally evicted from the country. It would be assumed such a person would learn his lesson the first time. Happened to me twice. Their regimental discipline and hard headed ways irritated me. Low and behold, about thirty years ago, I began doing a one eighty. I now see their ways working a lot better than ours. Americans better wake up and not be as dumb as the Germans were or we will be in for some rough sailing.

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