Over 40 years ago I had a girl friend by the name of Maria Alverez. She came from the Dominican Republic. A sexy Latina. Never imagined a woman would ever be able to take her place. As these uncontrolable events happen. One did. A woman named Sandra. How we hit it off is one for the books, given our age difference.

Any man interested in learning how to please a woman can read my books. The details are not in any romance novel or sex book. They came to me in the world I made my living. Gambling. A cultured refined gentleman came to rob my partner. I found out what his intentions were thanks to a simple cup of coffee. That led me to see first hand how he controlled the women to get the information he needed in his profession. His luck ran out on this mission. It cost him his life and I wound up owning the his jet airplane. Title of the book that describes this harrowing event is: ‘The Feds Head’

One day, Maria called. She still does every once in awhile. She asked; “what’s wrong?”

“Have a sore throat Maria” my answer. It had been plaguing me for over a week. She quickly added; “I tell to you to do.”

“Yeah, okay Maria.”

I’m an American. In the most advanced country on earth. With a head as big as the country. I’m going to pay any attention to someone from a third world island? She called the next morning. “Eh, I forgot to do what you told me Maria.”

Latina’s, especially sexy ones, have a way of making a man do what they want him to. She came immediately and began cooking her concoction. She forced me to drink it, despite it knocking my socks off. The next morning, my sore throat was gone.

Sandra is the only other woman in my entire life who has been able to work such magic on me. I take care of her the best I can. She deserves much better. For any gentlemen who would like to help me in that endeavor I will share my pictures of her. If she gets mad at me for bragging about her then she is not the woman I think she is. Plus, it would be interesting to see if she does to other men what she does to me. I cannot be in the same room with her, long before she kisses me, that I begin to sizzle and my blood boils over. Wish there was some kind of radiator and thermostat for such an affliction. It’s been a couple years now and the affliction keeps getting worse, not better. Doubtful I will have the same luck with Sandra as I had with Maria.

Recently, there appeared a post on Facebook that read; “I don’t wear a mask. My mask is inside me. It’s called the ‘Immune System.’

It was not very long after Maria forced me to drink her tea that I saw a spot in a health book that read; ‘there is scientific evidence that ginger stimulates the immune system.’

I ran my experience by a doctor friend of mine. He is a very narrow closed minded person. He swallows all the virus propaganda, as well as all the vaccine and big Pharma responses. He scoffed; “you’re just an example of one!!”

Maybe so. The woman I married, at 16 yrs. old, who I had no chance of getting along with, called me an Android from another planet. Nevertheless, no matter where I came from, since my first swig of Maria’s tea, which I have had a cup of every day since, I have had not the slightest trace of a sore throat or any kind of raspatory ill feeling. And one time, I was raising a heavy forty foot wooden extension ladder with a guy who had the flue. We were face to face, one foot apart, when he got into a coughing bout and sprayed me. I did not get anything from that, other than thinking it began to rain. And now, during the past year, I have come into close contact with at least a dozen people who were tested positive for Covid. I have had to endure the painful test for the virus, due to needing a medical procedure twice. Both times with negative results. So maybe I am just an example of one. But I need no more proof that ginger is my vaccine. Even if it is only one person, two, including Maria, with all the overwhelming propaganda, from sides that say the opposite things, one side has to be lying, have we heard one single statement, from any source, Doctor Fauci, the CDC, or any government agency, about ginger? Could that be for there being no money in it?

I did make one departure from Maria’s tea. She had smashed a piece of ginger root, about two inches long, I just slice mine, boiled it for ten minutes, dropped an ordinary tea bag in it to make it bearable to drink, half a lemon and honey. When spending a little time in Russia, due to my German boss I worked for finding a girlfriend in Russia, I ran into a scientist, named Boris Badekov, I ran my story by him. He agreed with all of it but added that lemon and honey can promote gall stones. I dropped the lemon. So, it is not really the ginger itself that does the job. It only tickles the immune system. Whatever or however it happens does not matter much to me. I only know it works.

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Hi John. Do you remember me, Jackie, we talked, in Denver, you told me about your ginger. Must be five years ago by now, I refused to put the mask on. I’m still very much ok. Thanks.

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