Just endured the most sickening scene of my life. That’s after having been around awhile, able to remember bombed city rubble and foraging through garbage cans in search of food. A white slave trader crossed my path. He hired me to drive his airplane, delivering woman to pimps around the country, from which he collected weekly royalties. When we see billboard pictures of missing young girls, there is only one of three ways it can happen: Mistreated at home and ran way. Most likely with the first boyfriend they can find. Or, my trader, Mister T, or another low life like him, spotted her. Or, Muslims yanked her off the street. On that one, I also had a personal experience with when a girl came running across a parking lot to nightclub, the ‘Speakeasy’ in Denver, yelling; “they got Cindy.” I succeeded in blocking the car from leaving the parking lot, long enough for the drunk cowboys inside to hear the girl who managed to get lose. Don’t ever radicle drunks. They are a better deterrent to human trafficking than any phony laws passed by politicians. I also put an end to Trader T’s career. like permanently. He is resting peacefully under about twenty million more tons of garbage in the Denver landfill. Never expecting nor imagining I’d wind up owning his jet airplane. So there can be some benefits to being slightly civilized. Than just now, an hour ago, I see a video of two young women, in their twenties, nicely dressed, not overly sexy, but nice and tight, on shiny black high heels, probably the crime they committed, standing on a platform, a foot high, hands tied behind their backs, a noose around their necks, tied to a pole near the ceiling. A Muslim man on either side of them, standing rigidly still, A third came into the picture, also in the Muslim frock, reading from a paper. Interesting how such demented people attempt to legitimize their evil with some phony formality. When finished reading, he bent down to grab the rope tied to the platform the girls were standing on, and yanked. Joe Stalin is quoted as saying: “When a person is murdered, it’s a terrible thing. When twenty million are, it’s only a statistic.” Guess Hitler felt the same. Two humans as opposed to twenty eight million is rather inconsequential. It still made me sick I did five seasonal working tours in the Middle East. Islam not only teaches that it is okay to