On the world’s standard of living scale, we are now number 27 ad falling. From anyone I mention that statistic to this is generally the response: “Awe you are full of crap, you believe everything you hear” We as individuals or us as a nation cannot fix anything if we refuse to acknowledge we have a problem. In 1950 the US was solidly in the number one spot. How did we plummet so badly and now going down like a free falling safe. As a woman in Miami went to get in her car, that had a baby in it, a gentleman came from behind, shoved her in, raped her, shot her dead and drove away. Somewhere on Alligator Alley a police car got behind him. He floored it. The baby began crying. At a hundred mile an hour speed, with the police car dash camera on him, he threw the baby out the window. When at the trial, a relative of his brought him a big gulp from McDonalds, in it a small hand gun. He snatched a woman hostage with the gun to her head. As they came down the elevator in the courthouse, a police sharp shooter waited. As the elevator door opened, the gentleman had a bullet go in between his eyes. He had already killed one woman, tossed a baby out the window, what chance was there of this hostage living. Did she get on her knees and offer the cop a little oral gratitude. She sued the county, claiming the police did not need to shoot the gentleman which so traumatized her. Given our broken legal system, Dade county gave her a million dollars rather than go through a more costly trial. How much is the George Floyd trial costing. How much money has the government already given his heirs. Millions. When discussing this with a medical doctor friend of mine, who also happens to be a left wing Democrat loon, he shouted back: “You don’t know what you are talking about, he was caught with a counterfeit twenty dollar bill!!” OK. Let us accept that. His criminal record all made up by the evil Republicans. Although, a little difficult to understand how previous trials and court records can be so easily fabricated. In all this arguing, there is only one small detail that matters. We do have something of a legal system left. Whatever the dispute, no matter with whom, we can get in front of a judge. What excuse does anyone have to run or fight with the police. So my friend, perhaps no longer after getting this question, Doctor Campbell, what would you rather; take the chance of a young cop, who risks his life every day for us, going home to his wife and a couple young kids, in a coffin, or for such nice refined gentlemen as the Miami hood and Mister Floyd getting an immediate bullet between the eyes. Would not require very many of them before the rest of those types will think twice about arguing with the police. I happened to be in the same house with the Doctor during the Floyd trial, that he had so rudely blaring. I overheard a spot where a cop was asked to describe his background. He talked about working undercover in an LA school district where there are from one hundred to one hundred and fifty homicides a year. Let us assume our number 27 ranking is an outright lie. I travel more than the average person. Have been a wandering nomad since age 14. I don’t need any list to know the difference. The country I talk most about when making comparisons, only for being most familiar with it, is not even number one, but number 6. Germany. I own a condo in Vienna. A most beautiful, well kept, organized, completely safe city. No crime at all. I don’t bother locking my door. No one else does either. Nothing remotely close to the crime situation that has developed in America can happen over there. Not in the thirty years I live there part of the year, have I so much as heard abut any kind of crime. Crime, looting, rioting, is very expensive. Taxes on my Miami house, just a small Florida block bungalow in the Naranja section, $5,280 a year. A friend in the Pinecrest section pays $120,000 a year in taxes. No real estate taxes in Vienna. That’s one of the reasons Germans and Austrians have the money to make their houses works of art. No such thing there, with the exception of East Berlin, as a boarded up foreclosed or fix upper house, No Ghetto. No where in the city is it unsafe to walk through at any hour of the day or night. There are no county commissioners or any politician, in any municipality, right up to the President, who has any authority to spend any money. The Germans watch every penny the government spends and demand accounting for everything. The Germans had to learn their lessons in the most difficult way possible. Let’s hope the Americans won’t need to learn the same lessons. And right now, America is doing everything the Germans did at the turn of the century. Would it not be worth merely stopping our downhill slide to wake up for? The crime problem is only one of the issues destroying our quality of life. Prompting this rant were the couple Floyd segments I overheard. There is not one single cop in America who was raised in America, who went to an American high school, that is a Nazi type sadist. Are there some whose authority has gone to their heads and push their weight around. Of course. Myself being an incorrigible renegade non conformist, has a long record of getting into conflicts with the police. Tossed into jail maybe ten times, My latest, just a year ago in Very Beach Florida. Costing me more than $20,000 over a $110 traffic ticket I refused to pay. Yet, even I, a simple Simon, rather short on brains, can understand no cop should need to go through what I heard on TV. No one is perfect. Why should the police need to be. All the holier than thou do gooders and Monday morning quarterbacks have accomplished is lower our standard of living and made our society infinitely more dangerous. A little amusing now to see the Blacks, the most vocal people against the police, begging the police to come back into their neighborhoods. All this endless bantering, microscopic analyzing of every word and action, convoluted nonsense is pathetic. Why should a cop, risking his life every day, to protect us, need to be a lawyer, when there is nothing more simple in our society. When confronted by a cop, don’t run. And when caught up with, don’t argue and get into a fight. Why should a cop at that point need to risk getting killed. Should it not be obvious that is an automatic given. I have seen many videos of savages, Floyd being just one of many, who do not understand such simple logic. The one I still have nightmares over is the big rugged Black guy beating a small lady cop. He did not just knock her down, he kept beating her to a pulp as his own daughter kept crying and yelling; “Daddy, Daddy, please stop” If anyone knows the outcome of that incident and if the woman survived, as I was thinking during the argument on the video; ‘please baby, say no more, whip out your gun’ I’d certainly appreciate hearing it. I have tried to find something about it on Google. No doubt censored and taken down.

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