going up a steep hill on route 28 in E. Falmouth Mass. The car behind me floored it to pass. Coming over the top, a car driven by a mother with two young children in it. All three instantly dead. A cop named Paulie Gonsalves broke a finger pulling me off the drunk driver, intent on beating him to within a half inch of his life. At least I got to the one inch mark. A doctor friend of mine vehemently condones drug addiction and alcoholism as a disease. Tell that to the young mother and two kids who would now be in their 40’s. We don’t need to see You Tube and Facebook to watch endless video’s of police chases. What is a cop supposed to do when someone doesn’t stop? Let him go so it will inspire other nuts to kill a mother and two kids. I have had endless legal troubles of my own. Been in jail a half dozen times. The most recent one in Vero Beach where the police found a $110 ticket on me from 1976. A ticket for driving too slow on I-75 in Naples. The result costing me no less than $20,000. That we have a broken legal system there is no doubt. Most of my court time involved Real Estate. For one example, I had two completely identical cases. Won one. Lost the other. The outcome of all cases depends on which lawyer can out lie the other. A hilarious one for me was my witness lying through his teeth. If I get any interest, I will describe my amusing courtroom experiences. Now it is my turn to be sad. A young man who risked his life every day to protect us from criminals, rotting in jail because of a low life worthless piece of garbage who had a bad criminal record. That alone makes it automatic. There is nothing to discuss. The second guessers and holy pious blowhards need to see the wrong end of a gun sometime. Fight, argue, threaten the cops, expect the worst. This has been going on for a long time. It took twenty years for the video’s of a drugged up out of control monster Rodney King just before the cops wailed him, to surface. What good is our legal system if a jury can be intimidated by rioters. It’s time for the rest of us to riot against the rioters and wipe them out.

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