There is now a long enough record of a certain racial minority group subverting our legal system and making a mockery of American values and ideals the country was founded on by rioting, burning, destroying property and killing people. Is there any doubt OJ did it? Why did it take so long for the videos of a drugged up out of control maniac monster Rodney King to surface. The only part shown by the media was the police subduing him. Who did not see the footage of an unfortunate truck driver being ripped out of his cab and beaten to near death. These just a couple of the cases where billions of dollars in destruction resulted and in one riot alone, fifty people killed. All over a worthless discusting person. And now, a decent family man, who risked his life every day protecting everyone, is rotting in jail because of someone with a long criminal history who on a house burglary put a gun to a pregnant woman’s stomach. When a journalist interviewed a thirty year old minority woman on the street, she scowled; “he did not disserve to die because he had a little weed!” He had a lot more than a little weed and a much more powerful mind altering drug. Anyone seeing him when the police spoke to him in the car could see that much. When asked if destroying hard working people’s business was worth the revenge she sulked; “they disserved it! Besides, they have insurance, they will only make money.” Virtually all insurance policies have a clause: not covered if fire is caused by riot or arson. What an attitude in this filthy young woman. Is it any wonder such people are so hated. Where is the justice in this picture they scream so much about. Where is the silent majority that allows this horror to continue? When will come a time when the majority puts an end to it. To think this could all be prevented if everyone merely behaved in a civilized manner. Where does anyone get the idea they can fight with the police. No matter what their hatred or excuse. Only arguing with the police is over the line and should be the end of the story. Immediately arrested and thrown in jail until they come to their senses and behave. Court is the place to iron out any differences, not the street. That’s all it would take to end the madness that is infecting our country. Just show a little respect for the police.

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