Just saw a disturbing video. Man stopped for speeding. 65 in 55. Argued with cop that he had cruise control set at 54. It happened to myself. Twice. Got ticket for too slow on I-75 in Naples. A 10,000 hour airplane driver does not need the speedometer to know how fast he was going. A rock steady 55. Cop put 44 on ticket. Happened again in Vero Beach. Cop claimed speeding. Not even close to being over on US One. Cars were flying by me. Could there be another side to this picture. I grew up in Nazi Germany. We don’t want that here Although America is now on it’s way to getting there. We also know the police have their hands tied. Could it be there was something suspicious about me or my car. A little Chevy GEO Metro. Are they allowed to tell me they don’t like my looks. Maybe saying I was speeding is all they can can say when they really had something else on their minds. If they snatch just one criminal monster like our latest American hero, Mister Floyd, or even better, a wraghead terrorist, thanks to their inherent suspicions, I will take all the speeding tickets they can throw at me. Nothing to theorize about. It’s already happened. It’s how a suspicious cop stopped people like Timothy McVeigh. How many Americans know that every year between the police and FBI there are over 3000 violent acts stopped before being able to be carried out. Why does Floyd get all the attention and not a word spoken about all the lives saved by the police, including the ones that would have been undoubtedly lost had Floyd got away and lived. There is nothing to guess about a violent man who can stick a gun into a pregnant woman’s bulge during a house burglary. To begin with, there would not be one ounce of trouble in America if people were merely civilized enough to show a little respect and not argue with the police. Had the gentleman who set his cruise control not been a wiseass, the cop would probably have just said; “don’t speed any more pardner, have a nice day” once their suspicions were allayed. May I leave a thought with the people unhappy with the police. There is no noise allowed in Germany. For one example: transit bus tires are even engineered to produce no road sound. Do not raise a voice or talk loud in Germany. I shouted at a cashier in a super market. Within seconds the police pounced on me. I have been evicted out of Germany twice. I did not raise my voice. Certainly knew better. I spoke in the most dignified polite manner possible. My crime began with a taillight out on a boat trailer. All I did is assure the cop I would fix it. Too late. I was supposed to check that before getting on the road. Sound bazar? Their accident rate, per capita, despite having no speed limits, is 7% of ours. But then, stupidly, I had to run my mouth: “Sir, this would never happen in America.” Not a good thing to say in Germany. I was driven to the airport. Upon telling the cop I had no money for a ticket out, he merely said; “doesn’t matter, call someone with a credit card. if you are still here after the next plane out has left, not to America, does not matter to where, you will then really have a problem.” A normal halfway intelligent person would learn the first time. It happened again a year or two later to this lunkhead. Might sound harsh. There are no protestors, rioters, no stores being burned down. There is no crime. Period. At least not until the Muslims began to arrive. Which Germany and ten other countries are now kicking out. I have a condo in downtown Vienna where I live part of the year. Lost the key to it 25 yrs. ago. Never bothered to change the lock. No one else locks their door either. When I return, nothing will have been touched. No crack head infestation, as happened in every house in America I have returned to. Their way works a lot better than ours.

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