There are at least a couple hundred people who know this story to be true. I and a partner framed houses on Cape Cod. All identical, referred to as ‘Capes’ We did a house in less than half the time it took a five man crew. We split the money 2 ways. Five ways for them. That’s the difference working efficiently can make. On another occasion I took a trim contract in a Denver condo high rise. It does not take long for birds of a feather to spot each other. I noticed him and he noticed me. We each working all alone turned out a unit in half the time it took any other crew. He, a very quiet non friendly type. It took awhile before we began talking. He turned out to be one of those loony survivalists. Him discovering me to be a little out of plum also, got me invited to join him and his organization. What I saw shocked me. He and I the only two sane people in the outfit.. Hundreds of them. As I befriended them, it became obvious the trim guy and I were the only two pussies. Rednecks and cowboys that ate nails for breakfast. All worked super efficiently in their trades. All obviously very moneyed, a few, super rich. They met in secret caves and bugout shelters that we went as far as Wyoming to attend. I saw more weapons in their arsenals than I’d imagine the US Army has. I treasure my tools. For one reason, they make money. I came out of a bedroom to see an OSHA man writing a violation and fine notice. I tear off all the so called safety guards off my tools. Those are for the guys who come to work hung over and still asleep The person who is going to decide how to keep my tools is me. Not someone else, especially not the government. For people like me, those safety guards make the tool dangerous Upon spotting that he had written with a felt tip pen the words ‘no good’ over all my precious tools, I saw red and blew a cork. I grabbed the guy, yanked him through the door and tossed him down three flights of stairs. Upon realizing what I had done, not about to argue with the police, I drove out of Colorado. Here I get all upset about my tools being written on and wind up losing them, and also my pay. Now I hear about political prisoners being held in solitary, their case not to be heard for at least a year or two. All because they got fed up with the people who are determined to destroy what America stands for. How odd. One faction can riot, burn baby burn and destroy, as a President, so called President anyhow, calling it a ‘peaceful protest’ that must continue to bring change. Talk about discusting and disgraceful. Looking like a civil war is inevitable. On one side, the tough MF’s who have the money, do everything efficiently and are armed to the teeth. The other side has no idea what a job is, ever mind work efficiently, know only how to pour gas, strike a match and collect welfare checks that will keep them impoverished. Is there any doubt about which side is going to win?

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