Since the first one, governments have done whatever it takes to subdue the masses and be in control. In Germany’s case, murdering ten million people and causing a hundred and twenty million more to die. In Russia, under Stalin, twenty two million murdered. In Venezuela, total economic disaster. In America, not quite as bad. thanks to the most brillient men that ever lived. Our Founding Fathers. Ooops. I forgot. I’m no longer allowed to refer to them. They were evil white people. They only made the greatest country in history. Hacking out ways to make sure what happened in Germany cannot happen here. Sadly, evil people have infiltrated, finding ways to subvert that perfect government, doing now precisely what Germany did. That has the potential of killing more people than gas chambers could. ‘Those who do not study history are bound to repeat it.’ Our political and legal systems are both broken and are continually becoming more broken. How many people notice the contradictory information published. So much that I and many people no longer bother to turn on the news. In contradictions, one side is lying. The lie-ers know they are lying. but do not care, as long as they can get enough people to believe them. And look how many American sheeples swallow the lies. Covid is but one tiny example. How many people contracted it. I personally have come in close contact with at least fifteen, my own son for one. How many died. No one I knew. How many of those that did die, were from another cause but claimed to be covid cases. The truth is probably no more than in any other flue. If the mask could stop it, how did so many people catch it. Was the mask only a ploy to convince the sheeples? Was the economic destruction worth it? Or, maybe, was that part of the plan? Along comes a vaccine. Worth billions to Big Pharma. Out of which how many government officials and agencies get greased. Don’t anyone waste their breath to tell me there is no corruption. Myself and a gentleman named William Duarte got arrested on a gambling charge. We got away scot free, no record, by bribing a judge with $500,000. I wish now we had not done that, so there would be an official record. My brother, a news addict, is one of the sheeples that believes all the propaganda coming from government. The same person who denies there ever was a Jewish Holocaust. He took the vaccine. Said his “head blew up”, to use his words. The same day a woman died eight minutes after getting the shot. Now for the idiotic part. No one needs to tell me I am an idiot. I already know that. I had a girlfriend in Miami, Maria Alverez, who came from the Dominican Republic. I had a long standing sore throat, maybe two weeks, probably from doing something to her physically. She told me what to do. I’m an American with a big head. I’m going to listen to someone from a third world county? When she called in the morning, what could I say; “oh, lo siento Maria, yo no comprende, I forgot” Like a typical hot Latina, she came storming over, under the threat of great bodily harm, which in their culture is whipping their clothes off and bouncing their basketballs off a man’s head, she forced me to drink her potion. Within hours the sore throat was gone. That was fifty years ago. I have fixed her potion practically every day since. I have not had a sore throat, common cold, head sniffles, a flue, or any raspatory bad feeling. Not one time. I need no more proof that little Maria’s potion works. Lots of other people know it also. In Walmart one day, the ginger root tray was completely full. I happened to go back the next morning. The ginger rack was empty. In over a year, has there been one word from the government, FDA, AMA, CDC, or any other source about the health benefits of ginger. They could have at least made a simple statement; ‘folks, there is some strong evidence that ginger stimulates the immune system to fight infectious disease.’ If, as in my case, not having any kind of ailment, not even a single headache, in fifty years, and have spoken to many people with the same story, and not hear at least someone, like Mister Fauci, say one word about it, destroys all their credibility with me.

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